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HOW TO: Write an Effective Resignation Letter (Or How To Politely Say “I QUIT!”)


Almost, everyone dreams of writing their boss an I QUIT letter from time to time; some more than others. I love helping real estate investors and other entrepreneurs tell their bosses that they quit. Helping investors secure their finances for their future and for their families future is an amazingly fulfilling thing. It might sound easy [...]

What Real Estate Investors can Learn from a 12 Year Old


It doesn’t take a socio-economic analyst to realize that we have moved into a globalized, constantly plugged in digital culture… And those professionals who deal with website views, sales for digital multimedia devices and e readers know that sales are BOOMING, and only improving. People now get most of their news, products and entertainment online. [...]

How I Bought a House for $2,500 & Sold for $29,850 over a 7 years term.


People always ask me why I first got into Real Estate Investing. Rather than showing off a bunch of extensive closing statements and impressive P&L sheets, I want you to show you some real world PROOF of how a regular guy started growing his wealth with real estate. I got into Real Estate while I [...]

It’s Situational Marketing, Stupid


Before you get your underwear all in a bunch just know that I’m not calling YOU stupid. This is actually a spin off from a comment where Clinton’s campaign advisor said “It’s the economy, stupid” during the early 90’s presidential election. The comment was a reminder to his internal audience of campaign workers to focus [...]

Your Job & Pension are in SERIOUS TROUBLE. Do not trust Obama!


If you work for the government in any capacity and aren’t concerned about your future, you might not be paying attention. The shutdown this past fall was only the tip of the iceberg. A Detroit Judge recently made a ruling that allows the City of Detroit to file for Bankruptcy protection. This could very well [...]