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Real Estate Investing Expert Needs YOUR Help to Write a Kids Book

Here’s a rough sketch of what the characters could be. What do you think?

If you know me, you know I love giving back to the community and to people who deserve it. After 10 years of speaking to kids and young adults, guiding our young people and inspiring them to be their best is a passion of mine that’s near and dear to my heart. What I saw [...]

How Did a Kid with a Learning Disability Become Aide to a Billion Dollar General? (10 Life Lessons)


How did an adopted kid with a learning disability go from a family on food stamps to the becoming the Aide to a General in control of a billion dollar company known as the U.S. Army? Guess what? That kid became the man I am now. This experience shaped who I am today. These are [...]

How I Went From Rich, to Broke, to Truly Wealthy


Life is often a wild ride for those of us who work for what we have. My struggle is no different. I wasn’t always a wealthy real estate investing mentor. There was a point in my recent history when I dead broke. This is the story of how I overcame those obstacles to live the [...]

You Decide: Corporate Conveyor Belt or Real Estate Investing?


American jobs are getting more and more SCARCE these days, that’s no secret to anyone. But is taking the exciting yet terrifying leap of faith into the unknown chasm of entrepreneurship really worth the headaches and confusion? In a word (or two): OH. YES. Like with removing yourself from any “comfy” situation, leaving a cushy [...]

How a Real Estate Investing Expert Changes Lives (Part One – All Star Line Up)


I live my dream with real estate investing each and every day and I help my amazing students do the same. I know what you’re thinking. Is this guy for real? With all the scams out there today, does he really expect me to believe this system is so easy that anyone with drive and [...]