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3 Tips + Crossfit + (me) = Real Estate Domination


 I have been known to try many workouts in my day, but I haven’t ever encountered one as awesome as Crossfit. Crossfit has a lot of parallels to my professional life. I have boiled this Crossfit knowledge down into three key lessons you can takeaway from, hopefully making you a better investor. 1. The first [...]

Why My Mom was Wealthiest Woman in the World


On my birthday today, I’d like to dedicate this short but powerful post to my amazing mom. I only got to spend about 10 years of my life with her, but I still think about her every day. She still touches my life and the lives of others in so many ways. In a more [...]

3 Things Batman has in Common with this Real Estate Investing Expert

batman saves woman

I’m not saying I’m Bruce Wayne, I’m just saying Batman and I have never been in same room together… Joking! I told you my five year old inspires me. Recently we had a conversation about my favorite superhero and how I am like him. I figured I would throw in a few ways I’m not [...]

7 Real Estate Investing Myths DEBUNKED (You GOTTA Read #3)


Bev is an insurance agent. Her annual salary is about $100,000. Despite the good money, she still HATES HER JOB! She isn’t motivated by her supervisors, she doesn’t get along with her coworkers. She has a dream of becoming a real estate investor who has financial freedom to live life the way she wants… But [...]

How To Calculate Your Net Worth…


I lived a good portion of my life serving in the military and had no idea what my "Net Worth" even was, let alone how to go about calculating it. Now, I get the question all the time from my students and potential students. They ask me: “How do I figure out my net?” This [...]